A word about the name:
“A ‘Meat & 3’ is a moniker for a restaurant at which you pay a fair, flat price and then are served (traditionally buffet style) one meat and three sides. For example: Meat loaf with collard greens, macaroni and cheese, and cornbread. Regionally speaking, these restaurants are native to the southeastern states, so ordinarily you will find food that is indicative of that part of our country. Another tenant of soul food is the belief that preparing food for someone with love in your heart (or soul, if you will) and a smile on your face will result in the food literally transferring the love and joy you put into it, into the soul of the consumer. I have worked very hard to be sure that I am doing good work for good people, and am proud to claim to be producing work with passion and joy. I believe that our joy, as humans, can and should be shared with one another as often as possible, through any medium we can wrap our scrappy, calloused fingers around. This is what sets us apart from robots, from machines, and from a society that relies more heavily on screens by the day (and no, it is not lost on me that you are reading this on a computer). It is my hope that the work we send out our doors is received in love, with a smile, from my hands to yours; my soul to yours.”

-Carl Carbonell
Founder | Chief Designer | Printer | Janitor