Features of Drainage Catch Basins


A catch basin is the perfect drainage solution for landscaping systems. However, it is a small item that does the unbelievable in the landscaping sector. Despite being a small part of the stormwater management plan, a catch basin is a small but complex item to contain essential parts that control storms. Property owners should understand that drainage systems should go treatment to ensure they work properly. That is why these items should be maintained and cleaned regularly.

Once you plan on installing a drainage system in your apartments, ensure you understand how it works and the parts it comprises. Without a proper understanding of your drainage system, you might not maintain it properly. For instance, if you are planning on building a custom design with lower depth or significant volume, ensure you have quality catch basins.

Components of the Catch Basin

Catch basins are connected to a drainage system that transports unwanted water to different sewer networks. Before purchasing these items, it is essential to ensure you understand the components they possess to help you maintain them better. Without a proper understanding of these products, it will be challenging even to purchase them. Therefore, here are features of catch basins you should know.


At the top of the catch basins are durable metal grates. According to the design of these drainage products, the grates on top of these basins are attached to the curb drain or separate the surface. Also, they feature a separate manhole that is used for direct access. The grates are the preferred components by most manufacturers because they allow stormwater to flow. Lastly, they help to trap huge debris that can block the system.

Basin Structure

The basin structure is another vital component in a catch basin that keeps the soil around the basin from collapsing in. Different types of catch basins consist of various basin structures. For example, the custom fabricated basins come with reinforcement plates and concrete blocks made from steel. However, this is one of the components you should check before buying a catch basin.

Inflow and Outflow Pipes

The pipes are also among the crucial components you should have in a catch basin. In other words, it is essential to note that all catch basins require at least one outflow pipe to transport excess water to sewer networks. On the other hand, the catch basins that will be receiving water from another source should have an inflow pipe.


Lastly, you should ensure that your catch basin has liners. It is advisable to go for flexible liners because they will help the basin prevent water loss and leaks for an extended duration. Also, with flexible liners, it is easy and comfortable replacing them. Also, ensure you have a catch basin that has a sump. It ensures that water flows out.


When buying a catch basin for the first time, ensure that they have the components listed above. A catch basin that does not have any of the features listed above will not perform the task as required. Therefore, ensure you consider checking on the elements listed above before choosing.


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