Gravimetric Blending: The Science of Precise Material Measurement


Achieving consistent and exact material ratios is important in numerous industries, particularly plastics production. In this domain, precisely blending various plastic resins, additives, and colorants is essential for producing parts with consistent properties, color, and performance.

A Gravimetric Blender, also known as a loss-in-weight blender, offers a highly accurate solution for precisely measuring and blending various bulk solids. This article explores the inner workings of gravimetric blenders, highlighting their advantages and how they can optimize plastic production.

How Gravimetric Blenders Achieve Exact Material Ratios

Unlike volumetric blenders that rely on consistent volume measurement, gravimetric blenders employ a more sophisticated approach based on weight measurement. Here’s a breakdown of the gravimetric blending process:

Recipe Formulation and Individual Weighing

The desired blend recipe is programmed into the gravimetric blender’s control system, specifying the exact weight percentages of each material component. Each material component is stored in a separate hopper equipped with a load cell. The load cell precisely measures the weight of the material as it is dispensed from the hopper.

Loss-in-Weight or Gain-in-Weight Feeding

Gravimetric blenders can utilize either loss-in-weight or gain-in-weight feeding mechanisms. Loss-in-weight systems continuously monitor the weight of the material in the hopper and add more material to maintain the target weight. Gain-in-weight systems dispense a pre-determined weight of material from each hopper.

Material Blending and Batch Discharge

The precisely weighed components are then conveyed to a mixing chamber, and thoroughly combined to achieve a homogenous blend. The final blended material is discharged from the blender and delivered to the next stage of the production process.

Advantages of Gravimetric Dosing Systems

By directly measuring weight, gravimetric blenders achieve unmatched accuracy in material ratios by minimizing the risk of inconsistencies in the final product. The precise control over material usage also minimizes material waste, which leads to cost savings and reduced environmental impact.

Moreover, gravimetric blenders ensure consistent and repeatable blending results. This guarantees product quality across every batch. Precise material ratios also contribute to consistent product properties and improve performance and functionality.

How Gravimetric Blenders Optimizing Your Production

The implementation of gravimetric blending systems from Yushine can significantly benefit your plastic production process in several ways:

It Enhances Product Quality

Precise control over material ratios ensures consistent product properties, leading to superior product quality. This translates to improved performance characteristics, increased durability, and a more reliable final product for your customers.

It Reduces Material Costs

Gravimetric blenders can significantly reduce material consumption costs by minimizing material waste through accurate dosing. This translates to increased production efficiency and improved profit margins.

It Streamlines Production Processes

Gravimetric systems’ consistent and repeatable blending performance minimizes production downtime. This ensures a smooth flow of materials throughout your manufacturing process.

It Improves Processes Control

Gravimetric blenders offer a high degree of control over the blending process. The ability to monitor and adjust material ratios in real time allows for greater flexibility and optimization of your production practices.


For applications demanding the highest level of accuracy in material blending, gravimetric blenders are a clear choice. Their ability to precisely measure and control material ratios translates to significant advantages in plastics production, which leads to enhanced product quality, reduced costs, and improved efficiency.

Implementing gravimetric blending technology can greatly benefit manufacturers seeking to optimize their plastic production processes. For inquiries about Yushine’s gravimetric blenders and how they can benefit your operation, don’t hesitate to contact their material handling specialists.


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