Signs You Need A Laptop Battery Replacement


One of the things many people struggle to figure out is how to know if their batteries need replacing. Since you might have your laptop plugged in at all times, you might not notice if the battery has an issue. By the time you realize this, the battery is too old and needs fast replacing. Knowing the telltale signs that your battery is failing will come in handy because you can plan to replace it sooner rather than later. You can get quality HP Laptop Batteries, but you need to know when your need a laptop battery replacement. Here are some ways you can know if you need to get a new battery for your laptop.

1. Your battery needs constant recharging

One of the easiest ways you can tell if you need to replace your laptop is how soon you need to recharge it. While different laptop batteries last different times, you will realize when the charge runs out sooner. Initially, you might have to put it to charge an hour early, and as time goes by, the intervals keep reducing. If you notice this, then you need to start planning to get a new battery soon.

2. Your operating system notifies you

When your battery condition worsens, your operating system will inform you that you need to replace your battery. If it has reached here, you know that the battery is so spoilt and your laptop cannot work. Chances are, you will need to plug into a power source to use the laptop, which beats the whole point of having a battery. Get a new battery to ensure that you can use the laptop without needing to plug it in.

3. Your laptop keeps overheating

When your laptop battery is crashing, it will keep getting hot and, in the process, cause your laptop to overheat. When you notice this, ensure that you start looking for a replacement, it goes to show that the battery is so spoiled it will do you no good. It also means that you need to replace it because using it can damage your laptop in the process. Many heating batteries have been known to cause accidents and even fires in severe cases.

4. Your laptop battery does not charge

Another way you can know your battery needs replacing is when you realize your laptop battery refuses to take charge even though the charger is working. At this point, the battery shows it is empty even though you can see on the icon that it is plugged in and charging. When it gets to this point, you should get a new battery.

Last thoughts

Operating your laptop with a faulty battery is not only frustrating, but it can also be dangerous to you and the people around you. No one wants to go through the guessing game to figure out if their laptop needs a new battery or a charger. Knowing what things to look out for will go a long way in ensuring that you plan and get a new battery soon enough.


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