Storage Cages: A Business-Friendly Alternative For Proper Storage


For a startup business, space management and storage could be a bane to the operation of the business. With very little capital to invest in storage facilities, the work environment could get stuffed up quickly.

Since the invention of storage cages, they have proven to be a reliable option for storage. They are simple and easy designs that can allow users to store things. They come in different designs and shapes.

Foldable storage cages give users the option of reusing storage cages. This is because the cages can be kept away when not in use.

Features of storage cages

Storage cages are growing in popularity because of their benefits and features. They are a cost-friendly alternative for storage options.

Construction material

These storage cages are designed with galvanized steel or are powder coated. The material ensures the cages can be used for indoor and outdoor use.

Electric galvanized steels give the cages excellent durability. It also gives them the required strength to hold up items stored in them.

Since galvanized steel has a good durability feature, this brings the maintenance cost of the cages to an all-time low. The storage cages would only need to be cleaned up occasionally from dust or dirt.

Custom size

Storage spaces differ in size depending on the number of items needing storage. Storage cages manufacturers understand this difference and ensure cages are customizable.

Since a medium-sized warehouse may need smaller storage cages than a larger warehouse, manufacturers allow these cages to be custom-made. You just have to invite the professionals to access the size of the warehouse and design the storage cages accordingly.

Load capacity

When storage cages were invented, they had to be created to be able to hold large amounts of weights. To be a reliable alternative, these simple-designed storage cages must hold and secure the items they carry.

Storage cages come in different load capacities. Starting from 500kg and above, these cages are also size-customizable to cater to smaller or larger weights.


One of the unique designs of some of these storage cages is that they are foldable. Foldable storage cages can be collapsed and stored away. This advantage allows you to store or put away the storage cages when they’re not in use.


These foldable storage cages come in a single layer. However, manufacturers offer a custom feature that allows them to be stacked on top of each other. This allows you to store up to four of these storage cages vertically.

It’s always best to seek professional recommendations on the designs if cages would be stored on top of each other. However, a major advantage of vertical storage is that a lot more items can be stored on the same floor space.


These foldable storage cages have small rollable tyres underneath them. This makes it easy to move around the warehouse or storage area. The tyres are installed to hold the required carrying capacity of the cage.

This means a 1000kg storage cage can be moved around by simply pushing or pulling. This amplifies the advantage of temporary storage. You can use these storage cages temporarily to store items and move them elsewhere if needed.


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