What Are the Different Types of Packing Material


Before the transfer of any material, packing is compulsory. But based on material sensitivity, packing may vary. Because some materials need a more sensitive filling or some might only need to care for a little. It all depends on the sensitivity of the material that is being packed.

In this comprehensive guide, you will get to know everything about different types of packing material. This guide will also tell you why different packing and packing material is necessary. You can also check this link https://www.keeptoppackaging.com/ for further information. But first, let’s check out the types of different packing materials.

What is Packing Material

Different countries across the world have different meanings of packing and packing material. But the actual meaning of packing material is the same. Packing material contains wrapping, different tapes, and other material that is necessary to secure the product from damage. It is very important to maintain the quality of goods.

What Are the Different Levels of Packing

Primary Packing

This is also called inner packing. It has direct contact with the material being packed. The primary goal of using this packing is to protect the material from core damage. This packing last bit between the material and the package. The following methods are used for primary packing.

Paper Packing Material

Paper wrapping is a low-cost wrapping that is used to wrap simple things. It is also suitable for mass mechanized production. The main advantage of using this type of packing is recycling. This packing can easily be recycled.

Plastic Packing Material

This is also the best packing in terms of any liquid packing. It has the best water resistance properties. It is also a low-cost packing with great resources of raw material. This is one of the most important materials in the packaging of modern products. Other packing include Metal Packing Material, Glass Packing, and Ceramic Packing.

Secondary Packing

This packing is also called outer packing. It is done over the inner or primary packing. This type of packaging is used to protect most of any parcel. It ensures the safety of your product. Moreover, this packing is also used to prompt a brand because different logos and stickers can be used on its outer side. Its different types include the following.

Polyolefin Shrink Film

This film is used for lots of items because it has strong temperature resistance, durability and strength. It also has cold resistance so it can easily be used with any product without worries about its hotness or coldness.

Polyethene Film

This packing is the strongest and is mostly used for warping heavy objects like large drinking water bottles. Although these films do not have any visual presentation, if someone wants to have some points on them, they can be printed.

Tertiary Packing – Outermost Layer

The last level of packing is tertiary packing which is also called the outermost layer of packaging. It is mostly used to secure the secondary packing. The main goal of this packing is to protect against damage during shipment. It is not typically seen by any end user. Moreover, it is used on wood, banding groove lumber, or stamping. Its different forms include the following.

PE Stretch Film

This is the most commonly used film for shipping purposes. This film is used to warp the material that is shipped for a longer distance. This film has high punch resistance and it provides solid durability to protect against any type of damage.

Plastic Strapping

Plastic strapping is used to cover the entire package or parcel to make it 100% safe. It is mainly used to bundle up all the packages for products together. Lots of manufacturers use starch film and plastic starling together for better management and wrapping.

Final Words

This was all about having high-quality packing types and packing materials. Having good packing stuff can maintain the quality of the product being delivered and is also good for safety. If you are also interested in buying some packing stuff you can visit the website given above and you will find your desired packing material.


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